Bubble Bath-Tonka Bean

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$12.70 (AUD)

Discover the magic of the Tonka Bean with our our luxurious Tonka Bean Bubble Bath. The Tonka Bean is the seed of a tropical tree originating in South America. The active ingredient is Coumarin which is highly sought after in the perfume industry. We use only 100% natural Tonka Bean oil and add essential oils of Lavender and geranium. The fragrance of Tonka Bean is reminiscent of Vanilla, only much better.

Our Tonka Bean Bubble Bath will leave your skin feeling pampered and your spirit uplifted.

Like all our Non Toxic products this Bubble Bath does not contain Sulphates(SLS etc.) Paraben preservatives or any ingredient that may be contaminated by formaldehyde. All ingredients are plant derived, except where milk or Bees wax is used, and we do not use any petroleum products, artificial fragrances or colouring. Our Bubble Bath is also available unscented


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